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Missions and Visions


Create and leverage the value of products through a commitment to comply with the requirements of customers


Establish Hoang Mai brand and turn it into the leading solutions and cleaning products provider in Vietnam.


Establishment history

Establishment history

- Hoang Mai Factory, formerly known as Hoang Mai establishment, was established on June 22 2012 in a small facility in Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City and specializes in providing products, packaging materials to serve manufacturing industry in Southern Vietnam market.

- On December 20, 2015, with a significant impact on production activities due to a breakdown of the quality of industrial cloth, Mr.Duc found that the commercial store was too small to control the quality of all products purchased, and it was essential to create one more rigorous criterion for the industrial cloth, which made him determine to build a factory specializing in the production of industrial cloth and spandex gloves.

- On February 15, 2016, Hoang Mai Factory was established in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City with three subdivisions: main factory, sewing workshops and warehouses. With an extensive experience in working at Japanese production plant, Mr Duong Thanh Duc has built a model of production, quality management system in accordance with Japanese standards.

- Currently, the plant's main customers of the factory come from manufacturing companies of Japan, Korea, Europe and Vietnam which focus mainly in Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An.

Development orientations

Development orientations

Years 2016 to 2020 

- Develop and improve methods of production, management system, quality policy, employee benefits, and corporate culture foundation

- Perform automation of packaging processes to increase production capacity

- Continuously make improvement and development in order to maintain existing customers and potential customers in Vietnam market

- Establish Hoang Mai brand to become the leading manufacturer in the field of cleaning in Vietnam market

Years 2021 to 2025 

- Achieve ISO Certificate 

- Promote the export of products to overseas markets

- Develop manufacturing, recycling waste materials from the production process

After 2026 

- Construct and develop additional fields related to the garment industry to create the initiative to inputs

- Review and re-plan any development policies under the 10-year cycle

Core values

Core values
  • Commitments  : adhere to the commitments to customers, partners, society and among internal members together
  • Contributions  : create useful value to the society, the environment and the company 
  • Equality            : respect for mutual interests among partners, customers and internal members on the principle of mutual benefit
  • Improvements : enhance continuous creativity in order to find innovation to develop new products, new production methods
  • Safety               : create a clean, safe working environment without any accident

Quality policy

Quality policy

1- Satisfy all the requirements of the customers at 100% level

2- Absolutely do not deliver poor quality products to the customers

3- Respect for and comply with the rules

4- Make continuous improvement to create breakthrough, separate and competing products on the market

5-  Adhere to the regulations on occupational safety, fire protection, environmental protection and occupational health